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Private Equity

When it comes to Private Equity, one of the standout features is liquidity.

At Noralle, we believe in empowering our clients with a diverse range of investment opportunities that align with their financial goals and risk preferences. Private equity investments, including Fixed Income, Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Bonds, and Certificates of Deposit (CDs), offer distinct advantages that can enhance your portfolio’s performance while providing stability and long-term growth potential.

These investments are a class of assets that encompass various fixed-income products, ETFs, bonds, and certificates of deposit (CDs). These investments are not publicly traded and are not subject to the daily fluctuations of the stock market. Instead, private equity investments often involve direct ownership in companies or lending capital to businesses and governments.

Risk Considerations

Like all investments, Private Equity assets come with their own set of risks. Understanding these risks is crucial for making informed investment decisions.


Unlock Exclusive Insights: Dive into the World of Private Equity

Embark on a journey of financial discovery by exploring our Private Equity sphere. Gain unparalleled insights into the strategies, success stories, and market trends that drive superior returns.

Average Annual ROI

Over the past 5 years, our private equity investments have delivered an average annual return of 63%.

Global Fundraising

In 2023, global private equity fundraising reached a record 82%, highlighting the increasing investor interest in the potential of private markets.

Success Rates

Studies show that over 68% of companies backed by private equity firms experience significant operational improvements, leading to enhanced profitability and sustainable growth.

Illiquidity Impact

Investors embracing illiquidity have reaped rewards, with private equity investments consistently demonstrating an illiquidity premium, contributing to an average annual outperformance of 77% compared to liquid counterparts.

Disruptive Auto

Disruptive Auto ETF Invests in companies leading the way in automation, from industrial robotics to artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.


Reduce your taxable income by deducting your contributions, if eligible, and your potential earnings could grow tax deferred.

iShares Core
S&P 500

Consolidate your old 401(k) and workplace accounts into a centralised account without taxes or penalties.


Options are a flexible investment tool that can help you take advantage of any market condition to help achieve your investment goals.

Intraday Trading

Private Equity assets can be bought or sold throughout the trading day, just like individual stocks. This means you have the flexibility to react to market developments or seize investment opportunities when they arise.

Narrow Bid-Ask Spreads

Private Equity instruments typically have narrow bid-ask spreads, which means the difference between the buying (bid) and selling (ask) prices is minimal. This reduces trading costs for investors.

Market Orders

You can use market orders to buy or sell Private Equity instruments at the prevailing market price. This is particularly beneficial when you want to execute trades quickly.


Diversification and Long-Term Growth

Diversification is a cornerstone of successful investing, and private equity investments offer an excellent avenue for diversifying your portfolio. Including a mix of option products, bonds, and CDs alongside other asset classes, such as equities and real estate, can help spread risk and balance returns.

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What's In It For You

Flexibility and Investment Choices

At Noralle, we understand that each investor’s financial journey is unique. Private Equity investments cater to this diversity by offering various investment choices. Whether you seek exposure to specific industries, geographic regions, or asset classes, there is likely an asset that aligns with your preferences. This flexibility empowers you to craft a portfolio that reflects your financial goals and risk tolerance, with the ability to adjust your investments as your needs evolve.

For instance, if you believe in the growth potential of renewable energy, there are ETFs dedicated to clean energy companies, allowing you to invest in your values while pursuing financial growth.

Some other benefits in Private Equity can be found below:

Private Equity at Its Best

Embark on A Transformative Journey in The Realm of Private Equity

Delve into our Private Equity Investment opportunities, where your capital doesn't merely grow but becomes a catalyst for significant and intelligent investment choices. Seize the opportunity to align your financial goals with a realm of exclusive investment options. Your journey toward a wealthier and more prosperous future begins with Private Equity Investments at Noralle. Invest strategically, invest intelligently, and secure a future characterised by unparalleled financial growth and success.

Cost-Efficiency and Accessibility

Investing in Private Equity can be an incredibly cost-efficient option for investors of all sizes. With lower expense ratios compared to mutual funds, Private Equity enables you to retain a higher portion of your investment returns. This accessibility provides you with greater control over your investment decisions, allowing you to react promptly to market changes and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

By utilizing Private Equity, you can avoid the higher fees often associated with actively managed mutual funds, helping you keep more of your hard-earned money working for you.

Transparency and Real-Time Pricing

Private Equity is known for its transparency, as it discloses its holdings daily. This transparency allows you to know exactly what assets you are investing in and understand the underlying risks associated with Private Equity. Moreover, the real-time pricing of Private Equity instruments ensures that you have an accurate view of their market value at any given moment, providing you with the most up-to-date information to make informed investment choices.

As an investor, knowing the real-time value of your investments allows you to make timely decisions based on market movements, taking advantage of potential opportunities or protecting against downside risks.

Liquidity and Trading Efficiency

Private Equity instruments are known for their liquidity, as they are traded on stock exchanges with high trading volumes. This liquidity ensures that you can easily buy or sell your shares without significantly impacting the market price. Whether you are seeking short-term trading opportunities or a long-term investment approach, Private Equity instruments provide the efficiency and liquidity necessary for a smooth investment experience.

The ability to execute trades quickly and efficiently gives you the flexibility to adjust your investment strategy based on changing market conditions or personal financial goals.

Tax Efficiency

Private Equity assets are structured in a way that can lead to enhanced tax efficiency compared to other investment vehicles like mutual funds. Due to their unique creation and redemption process, Private Equity assets can minimize capital gains distributions, potentially reducing your tax liabilities. This tax efficiency can translate into more significant after-tax returns, helping you retain more of your investment gains.

For taxable accounts, tax efficiency is crucial in maximizing your returns and preserving more of your investment profits.


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