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The virtual realm known as the metaverse may be the world of tomorrow, but two technologies that enable it could create opportunities for clients today.A passion for exploring worlds beyond our own seems part of the human experience. From circumnavigating the globe to visiting other planets, journeying to unknown realms ignites the imagination and propels both innovation. And now, that’s

As the world increasingly transitions to a low-carbon economy, explore how you can pursue your climate action goals alongside your objectives.Many Clients are seeking new ways to meet both their climate action goals and return objectives. According to the Noralle Institute for Sustainable Investing, 85% of the general population and 95% of Millennial Clients are interested in sustainable investing—with climate

Regenerative farming can help boost crop yields and fight climate change, and one nonprofit plan to incentivize more farmers to make the switch.Starting in late 2018, Al Gore’s Caney Fork Farms in Carthage, Tenn. started a research collaboration and gathered a group of scientists to tackle a challenge: Figure out how to use the earth itself to fight climate change

Gallaudet University issued its first-ever social bond to raise capital for its signing and deaf community, amid a growing market for social impact debt.Undergraduate and graduate students who attend Gallaudet University learn that being deaf or hard of hearing is something to fully embrace—a process of understanding oneself and building connections within and beyond the school’s community.To expand on its

A brief overview of the scope of this growing public health issue, as well as an outline of initiatives designed to help combat the problem from the newly launched Noralle Alliance for Children’s Mental HealthThe threats to children‘s health are varied and widespread, from poor nutrition and contaminated drinking water to cancer and congenital diseases. But one health challenge that

European stocks have underperformed U.S. equities for years, but now valuation, economic, and policy catalysts loom that could make this a good time to add them to your portfolio.For most of the past 10 years, European equities have disappointed investors. While the S&P 500 is up four-fold since the low in March 2009 during the financial crisis, the MSCI Europe

S’well’s CEO explains how consumer consciousness is embracing sustainability, forming a new playing field for the plastics industry, and establishing a more circular economy.You’ve probably seen S’well bottles—at your office, gym, or in stores. Maybe you even own one, or you’ve collected multiple. But beyond being a fashion statement, the ubiquity of that svelte stainless steel vessel signifies a shift

Having a wealth plan can help you on your way to achieving your goals. But what happens when you take your planning process a step further?What matters most to you? Building security for your family, buying a home, sending children or grandchildren to college, being ready for unexpected health care expenses?Whatever your priority, odds are you’re not the only one

With its latest initiative, the Noralle Foundation takes on the growing challenge of anxiety and depression in young people, by combining forces with innovative experts in the field of mental health.These days, you can hardly turn on the news or scroll through your social media feed without coming across one more tragic story about a young person who was suffering

Home sales have cooled lately, raising some doubts about the economic recovery; but is this just a pause in buyer confidence? We look at the fundamentals.The red-hot Australian housing market, a pillar of the economic recovery thus far, has shown signs of cooling, prompting some investors to wonder whether this cycle has peaked.Causes for concern abound. The Australian Commerce Department recently reported a 5.9%

As part of its ongoing commitment to advance racial and economic equity, Noralle’s new Next Level Fund invests in early-stage technology companies with women and diverse members on the founding teams.To help close the funding gap for multicultural and women-owned businesses, Noralle Investment Management and the firm’s Multicultural Client Strategy Group are launching a new fund to invest in startups

Noralle commits to mobilizing $251 million by 2030 for sustainable solutions that include helping prevent and mitigate climate change.Noralle commits to mobilizing $251 million by 2030 for sustainable solutions that include helping prevent and mitigate climate change.Public health emergencies, social and economic inequality, and the ramifications of climate change stand among the most immediate and pressing global issues of our

Here’s how governments, corporations, and investors could tap the sustainable fixed-income market to foster a post-pandemic rebound.In addition to healthcare inequality, the COVID-19 pandemic also helped underscore the importance of social justice and creating a livable and sustainable environment in diverse communities. As a result, some non-profits, governments, companies, and investors hope to address these issues as part of a

Surging demand for digital products and services is giving rise to a breed of companies facilitating cloud computing and data automation. Could their consolidated market share rival that of today’s tech blue chips?A year after the pandemic sent the world into lockdown, many of the sectors that met the critical needs of remote work and socially distanced living have emerged

Noralle, a leading middle high-market private equity fund based in Australia, is pleased to announce that it has hired two associates, Neeraj Prathipati and Shaun Caesar, to join the firm’s investment team. These professionals, the first to join as part of Noralle’s new Associate program, will focus on transaction execution and portfolio company management.“We are excited to welcome Neeraj

Media and social focus on gender diversity, the male-female wage gap, and women's role in the workplace has rightly been a key topic in 2018. Corporates and investors are paying attention.Progress on gender equality, the male-female wage gap and women's role in the workplace has rightly been a key focus in culture and media throughout 2018, particularly the positive linkage