Inclusion & Diversity

Our Vision on Diversity & Inclusion

At Noralle we preserve and create wealth for our clients and for society in a sustainable way. Our commitment to inclusion and diversity goes hand in hand with our ambition to contribute to a sustainable and more inclusive world. We firmly believe that to do so effectively we need to foster an inclusive workplace where everyone’s unique contributions are valued and where we optimise our combined talents.

Making diversity dynamic
For Noralle, diversity is about something fundamentally different than managing numbers and reporting on KPIs. Similarly, reflecting society is not an end in and of itself. Such a ‘static’ interpretation of diversity does not do justice to what it should really be about: making diversity dynamic by unlocking its potential to the benefit of our employees, our clients, our partners, and society as a whole.

Giving meaning to inclusion and diversity therefore requires more than steering by numbers. For us it is about striving to make inclusion and diversity work for our entire organisation, and hence all of our stakeholders.

An inclusive environment
Unlocking the potential of diversity first and foremost requires the creation of an inclusive environment where the distinctive qualities of each individual are welcomed and valued.

To achieve this, it requires each person in a leadership position to value, recognise and embrace diversity while at the same time having the know-how to address and facilitate it in an inspiring way. It requires from our teams that they leverage the unique qualities of every member to activate the team’s full potential.

Our Ambition: To Grow Into An Increasingly Diverse Organisation

In recent years we have been giving more attention to the broader topic of inclusion and diversity. We believe an inclusive culture will go a long way towards improving diversity and vice versa.

Our workforce – including our international colleagues – is becoming more diverse and our employee’s perception of inclusion, according to our employee engagement survey, has significantly grown over the past years. From this perspective, we are on the right track, but it is only the beginning of our journey.

Focus helps us to make choices. This means that we do not try to do everything at once but first establish the fundamental basics when it comes to fostering an inclusive and diverse organisation. From a gender perspective, we acknowledge that we have work to do. That is why our current focus is to strive to increase the percentage of women in our top levels, our senior management levels and in all other levels throughout the organisation. We intend to use the knowledge and experience we gain in working towards achieving gender balance to also improve other aspects of diversity at Noralle. In the coming years, our aim is to build on our accumulated experiences with minority groups in order to grow into an increasingly diverse organisation.

Our Approach: Four Pillars To Unlock The Potential Of Inclusion & Diversity

Pillar 1.
Our leadership walks the talk

An inclusive and diverse workplace will only be realised when leadership is truly committed to not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk.

Pillar 2.
We attract, hire and retain diverse talent
We want to build the best teams possible and recognise that in order to do so, we need to attract and hire a more diverse pool of candidates.
Pillar 3.
We offer flexible and inclusive labour and working conditions
To give space to our employees to express their personal identities and to meet their individual needs we are committed to offering flexible and inclusive labour and working conditions, thereby stimulating a greater sense of belonging for all of our colleagues.
Pillar 4.
We strive for a level playing field
We are intrinsically motivated to achieve equal pay for equal work. We take action to level the playing field, by removing the less visible barriers that (prospective) colleagues encounter.

Our Intention

This policy lays out Noralle’s vision on inclusion and diversity, while simultaneously outlining the concrete steps that we are committed to taking in order to make this vision a reality.
We structurally embed safe spaces in order that our colleagues feel safe to speak out in case they experience inappropriate behaviour. We have systems in place, both internally and externally, to prevent, report and address complaints – and we actively take steps to both engage our colleagues in dialogue and to remove any barriers to speaking up.